Negotiation Effective Leaders
 People with higher EQ are more likely to induce positive mood states in their negotiation counterparts. Many studies and reports have been done on what personality traits are found in expert salespeople and negotiators. The advice those studies offers is often difficult to apply, for 3 reasons. First, there are just too many contextual specificities underpinning each negotiation, such that one size does not fit all. Second, the effectiveness of each strategy is partly dependent on the personal background of the persuaders (i.e., sales or negotiation) — who they are, what they want, and how they connect. Third, many of the factors determining the outcome of negotiations are more emotional than rational, which requires a deep psychological understanding of the people involved. It’s All About Personality Personality research provides valuable lessons in predicting an individual’s ability to negotiate effectively. One very important measurable trait that correlates with improving an individual’s negotiation abilities is emotional intelligence…
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Vincent Steers Vehicle Manufacturer in Right Direction with VPS
Situation A luxury vehicle manufacturer in China was seeking to apply the value-added production system (VPS) rule and method as the company’s sister plant in Europe. The target group of trainees was area managers and section leaders who are responsible for more than 600 people across multiple plant locations. The vehicle manufacturer’s goal was to address the process issues at the lowest level in the organization with the end result being the shop floor employees taking the initiative to improve process performance. Actions MetaExpert Vincent conducted more than 800 hours of in-person, classroom training on the VPS subject as well as on-site improvement coaching at the vehicle manufacturer’s facilities across China. Vincent meticulously trained and coached the area managers and section leaders of each plant. He mentored the managers and section leaders on the following skills and principles: Transfer the eye of wasteLayout improvement Use of support chain Standard of workSpecific vehicle…
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Process mapping forms the basis of how business gets done on a daily basis as well as how the consumer-facing experience reflects those processes. Indeed, for a process to be a positive experience, it should be well-defined from beginning to end; and it all starts with mapping, refining, and codification.  Define the Sequence. For a task to be done efficiently and consistently, each step needs to be defined in a sequence of events that results in a defined goal. Mapping is the organization of how to arrive at a specific goal. Be it just starting your day on the “right foot,” or getting to the moon, it takes a schema of events that creates a chain of planned actions that reach a goal. There can be any number of schemas to reach the same goal. Mapping is the act of choosing the best path to a goal. The Critical Path.…
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