MetaExpert Holly Helps a Call Center Go Lean for Big Savings
Our MetaExpert, Holly, gets it done! See how she used her expertise in lean methodology and value stream analysis to bring big savings to a call center. Situation A call center was nearing the end of their State contract, with only 1 year remaining. The scope of the contract represented 20% of health insurance members. Actions MetaExpert Holly implemented a Value Stream Analysis to identify areas of waste within the call center that were a detriment to customer satisfaction, costing the organization money, and slowing down their processes. Holly’s analysis revealed that:  85% FCR resulted in activities having to be routed to multiple areas within the organization.  1/6 of these activities aged longer than 30 days resulting in significant member dissatisfaction.  Several projects were underway within claims escalations, but none would solve the root cause.  Waste in the process included up to 35% misrouting, and 25% first pass yield costing…
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Winning the War for Talent by Training from Within
The war for talent is all too real. Everyone is talking about the difficulty in filling positions that didn’t even exist a few years ago. There has been much finger pointing, such as the inability of the American Educational system to anticipate and train for needed jobs. Moreover, there are many complaints about the lack of critical thinking skills in most University graduates. But most companies don’t have the time to just finger-point when they need to make things happen and not just complain. “Recycling our experienced “top talent” seems to be an important intuitive step” New technologies come, morph, and disappear; and finding specific expertise for a particular solution can be difficult given the fact that “top talent” presupposes an existing level of expertise as well as a hands-on experience for that “right person” to plug into the new system. Supply and demand for “plug-in experts” drive up the…
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Contract Strategic Plans
Situation A global provider of Aerospace products headquartered in Chicago, IL, needed help developing a furniture Contract Strategic Plan (CSP) as the company approached the expiration of their current contracts. The company was concerned with the following: Fixation with going offshore to take advantage of perceived pricing advantages. Multiple suppliers spread across enterprise. Design & install costs vary by supplier. No formal governance process and lack of budgeting tools. Actions To help the company address their concerns, MetaExpert Tino led a cross-functional team to develop a CSP that included Defining Contract Objectives and goals, building a service delivery model, creating requirements aligned with objectives, defining the procurement strategy, and outlining the RFP structure. Tino helped the team define the evaluation criteria which included: Establishing furniture goals and objectives including best overall value, forward-thinking compliant system, and highly-effective integrated program for end users. Conducting extensive market research to alleviate concerns regarding…
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